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Lions, tigers, and seven bears

As its name implies, Lions, Tigers & Bears houses not only big cats but bears.  Its founder, Bobbi Brink, directed the move of dozens of big cats from failed sanctuaries and private owners in Ohio to accredited sanctuaries across the country.

Now it’s time for the bears.

Six bears are currently living together in a 15×20-foot enclosure in Prospect, Ohio.

Bobbi is currently trying find homes for and move seven bears from private owners in Ohio who can no longer keep them and want to place them before Ohio’s new exotic animal regulations go into effect on January 1, 2014.

These bears include six that were previously owned by an exotic animal “exhibitor” cited for hundreds of violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including poor nutrition, neglect, and conditions described as “deplorable”and “squalid.”

Their current owner is better but does not have the resources to properly care for the bears.  All six are living together in one 15×20-foot enclosure – about the size of an average living room.  Such crowding is inherently stressful, and the enclosure has no grass and no enrichment.

Maddie the bear lives in a corn-crib enclosure in Covington, Ohio.

Maddie the bear currently lives in a concrete corn-crib enclosure in Covington, Ohio.

The seventh bear, Maddie, was originally purchased to be a pet.  Not surprisingly, the family decided they couldn’t take care of her after she grew up and considered selling her to a canned hunting ranch.

Fortunately her current owner stepped in, but can provide her with only a small concrete corn-crib cage, where she has been living for the past seven years.

Bobbi is searching for permanent homes for the bears where they will receive the care they deserve in a safe, enriching environment.  Lions, Tigers & Bears is also raising money for a host of expenses including:

Sugar Bear, who came from a sanctuary in Ohio that closed down, now lives in this spacious enclosure at Lions, Tigers & Bears.

Sugar Bear, who came from an Ohio facility that closed down, now lives at LTB in this spacious enclosure.

  • Travel expense for their volunteer team to get to Ohio and back
  • Medical evaluations and lab tests for all the bears
  • Neutering two of the males
  • Transport to new homes (one bear will come to LTB, while the others will go to other accredited sanctuaries)
  • Building an additional bedroom in LTB’s new bear habitat.

It wasn’t easy or cheap for Bobbi to rescue dozens of big cats from Ohio, and it won’t be easy or cheap to rescue these seven bears.  Your donation will help cover the costs of giving these animals happy new homes.

Day 14  Swim Report
Number of laps: 40
Time: 70 minutes
Pace:  A little slow

Day 15 Swim Report
Number of laps: 35
Time: 60 minutes
Pace:  Right at goal speed

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activities, but I did manage to get in a swim each day.  I am finding that it’s more sustainable to spend a little less time in the pool and go more often than to try to do huge long swims fewer times a week.  I sleep a lot better on days I work out, so I am going to try to work out most days, even if it is for only an hour vs. 1.5 hours three to four days a week.


On the radio

Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative logoMany thanks to Art and Tracey Jipson for having me on Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative, their radio show broadcast from the studios of WUDR at the University of Dayton!

I got to explain the Big Cats, Little Cats initiative and rave about two great organizations.

If you are in the Dayton area, check out the show on Tuesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. on 99.5 FM.  Art and Tracy have been playing indie, local and alternative music since 2004.

Day 11 Swim Report

Number of laps: 42
Time: 65 minutes
Pace: Somewhat fast

Had a great swim with no issues.  I’m getting stronger and swimming faster with less effort.