Photo essay: Cat Welfare Association

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I visited Cat Welfare Association.  I wrote about our visit in this blog post.  Unfortunately, the post had room for only a few photos, and we took a ton.  So I’m using today’s post to share more of the photos that we liked.  Hope you enjoy!

Cat Welfare outsidecat tree

orange look


cat bucket 2Color codes

cat toy

big boy

cage cat

outdoor yard


red collar

white cat

cat tongue

cage cat 2

whole floor

cat box sleep

cat arch

cats toy

cage cat 3

sink cat

little black

Day 21 Swim Report
Number of laps: 40
Time: 60 minutes
Pace: Sightly fast

Day 21 was easier than the day before.  I did an easy 40 laps in an hour, which is slightly faster than my normal 35 laps an hour.

Day 23 Swim Report
Number of laps: 45
Time: 65 minutes
Pace: Fast!

My goal today was only 40 laps, but I got done with that in less than an hour, so I had time for 45.  Good thing – I think I will need 45 a day until the end of the month to make the marathon.


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