Raja and Natasha

Tigers Raja and Natasha were the first residents of Lions, Tigers & Bears, arriving in September 2002.  They came from a private owner in Texas who kept them in a 6×12 foot cage with no shade or shelter.  They had to step over each other to turn around.

Their owner didn’t want to give up the tigers to the authorities in Texas, nor was he willing to provide them with a better enclosure.  After a great deal of negotiation, he finally agreed to give them to LTB.  Texas authorities gave LTB a month to raise money, build a suitable enclosure, get all the necessary permits, and transport the tigers to California.

When they arrived, Natasha was pregnant.  She gave birth to two female cubs, Tabu and Sitarra, in November 2002.  The girls still live at LTB and have flourished.  Raja was neutered in 2003 to make sure there are no more births.

Check out this video of Raja splashing in his pool after a snow in March 2012.  Unlike most cats, tigers love water, and good facilities will provide them with this essential enrichment.

Day 1 Swim Report

Number of Laps: 45 (1.25 miles)
Time: 1 hour 25 minutes
Pace: Slow

This morning was taken up with a volunteer program, so I didn’t get to my swim until late afternoon.  I had skipped yesterday in anticipation of starting today, and consequently didn’t sleep well last night.  That led to a very slow swim today – but by lap 30 I was feeling better and was able to go an extra 9 laps or quarter mile.  That will probably come in handy later this week when I need a break.


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