About that swim …

Tomorrow I start my swim marathon to help raise money for Cat Welfare Association and Lions, Tigers & Bears.  Since most marathons are for runners, I thought I’d put a swim marathon in perspective.

Olympic swimmer Dana Torres

At age 41, Dana Torres was the oldest Olympic swimmer in the 2008 games.

Through the month of June I’ll be swimming 26.2 miles.  A mile is 5,280 feet.  A standard regulation-size pool has a length of 25 yards or 75 feet.  One lap is two lengths (up and back), or 150 feet.  That means one mile is 35.2 laps.  Multiply that by 26.2 miles, and I’ll be doing 922.24 laps in June.

I am not a fast swimmer.  My average speed is 1 minute 30 seconds per lap, though I’m a little faster on good days and slower on sluggish days.  It takes me about an hour to do a mile.

Contrast that with Olympic swimmers.  Dana Torres was the oldest Olympic swimmer in 2008 at age 41.  She qualified with a 50-meter freestyle, which is roughly equivalent to one of my laps, at just over 24 seconds.  That means she swims over three times faster than me.

That’s okay.  I never intended to be a competitive swim champion.  I do it for my health.  With a daytime desk job and now so much social media done on the computer, I would be crippled if I didn’t swim.

I just hope this amount of swimming can help raise money for two good causes.


2 thoughts on “About that swim …

  1. John Grasberger

    Hi Cathy –

    Thanks so much for what you’re doing for LTB. I’m a volunteer, and I maintain their website for them. Last night I posted a blurb about your unique fundraiser on our home page. I also sent an email to a columnist (Diane Bell) for our local newspaper, U-T San Diego. We shall see if she goes with it. Good luck! John G.

  2. Cathy Cowan Post author

    Hi John – Thanks so much for posting that on the LTB home page! I’d be happy to talk with your local paper. Feel free to contact me anytime – Bobbi has my contact info. I’ll be updating this blog most days to let people know how it’s going – and speaking of which, I’m off for today’s swim. Take care!


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